PUBG Mobile: All DMRs ranked

PUBG Mobile: All DMRs ranked

PUBG Mobile: All DMRs ranked

PUBG Mobile’s adaptability is mind-boggling. There is a lot of high-stakes, expertly paced action in the game. Players enter a randomly generated map and fight until only the victor remains. It’s easy to see why this PUBG mobile game is widely regarded as among the best available.

PUBG Mobile: All DMRs ranked

PUBG Mobile: All DMRs ranked

In PUBG Mobile, you have a large arsenal from which to choose. The designated marksman rifle (DMR) category is one of these types. Different from sniper rifles, DMRs require much less time for recovery. Therefore, a DMR is ideal for players who want the best of both worlds: a sniper and an assault rifle, as it can fire rapidly. DMRs are not like other weapons, and proficient use does require some training.


This is one of the game’s two fully automatic DMRs. The VSS has an integrated 4x scope and fires 9mm bullets at a rapid rate of fire. This eliminates the need to look for a suitable scope, but it also makes the gun incompatible with any others.

A little practise is needed to get the hang of this gun, as its recoil is just as hard to control as that of any other DMR. However, on maps where it spawns, the Vast is very visible.



There is no doubt that the SLR is one of the most formidable firearms available, and it is also a widely recognised DMR. The SLR is readily available across all playable areas and serves a crucial purpose in fights where players have the option to retreat mid-battle.

The SLR’s only shortcoming is its excessive recoil. This gun may be too difficult to handle for most new players. Since the odds of coming up against another SLR are low, this may not be a limitation but rather an advantage for veteran gamers who are adept at handling recoils.



For PUBG Mobile, the MK12 is the most recent DMR to be released. This single-tap weapon has made quite a splash since it was introduced to its home map. Rapid firing and low recoil are two of its best features. It deals a lot of damage and has surprisingly little recoil.

The fact that the MK12 is unique to Livik is arguably its biggest disadvantage. It’s a real shame, because it would have done well on other maps as well. Even so, its insane recoil recovery makes it the ideal DMR to run on this specific map.




It’s fantastic news that the Mini14 appears on the vast majority of maps. One of the most reliable DMRs in PUBG Mobile, this gun is a fan favorite. That, plus the fact that it works with any scope, is a huge plus.

This is the most user-friendly DMR on the market and is a must-have for newcomers. Though more skilled players might prefer a weapon with a bit more punch, the Mini14 still holds its own.




Unfortunately, the QBU is only available on Sanhok, despite being an excellent direct-fire rifle (DFR). Everything about it is perfect, making it the ideal DMR for the grassy area of the map. When compared to other firearms using 5.56mm ammunition, its damage is particularly high.

The QBU is difficult to control at long range but excels at close quarters combat. A few well-placed shots from such a great distance would be enough to defeat that foe. If used properly, the QBU can be an incredible weapon in this fun game.




Without a doubt, this is the finest DMR available outside of a crate. In terms of shooting, the SKS strikes a good middle ground, with powerful 7.62mm bullets, manageable recoil, and excellent bullet velocity. Not by itself, but with the right accessories, the SKS can annihilate its foes.

The SKS is widely distributed and can be outfitted with a variety of optics. It shines at a distance, where a single tap is all it takes to kill an opponent. The SKS, like the SLR, is a fantastic all-arounder because of its excellent recoil recovery.




The MK14 is not only the best DMR in the game, but also one of the best, if not the best gun in the game overall. It’s tough to put a number on how insane this gun is, but rest assured that the moment a player grabs it, the 7.62mm rounds start tearing through the enemy.

The MK14 is versatile enough to serve as a DMR or as a fully automatic firearm. The high base damage means that even a few well-placed shots can easily knock an opponent out of the game. Close range, it’s even more lethal because it fires faster than most submachine guns. Because of this, the MK14 is extremely rare and is typically only found in supply drops.


PUBG Mobile can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android devices right now.




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PUBG Mobile: All DMRs ranked
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