New Forspoken Deep Dive Explores Athia

New Forspoken Deep Dive Explores Athia

New Forspoken Deep Dive Explores Athia

The most recent Forspoken teaser showcases some of the unique fauna and locations that Freya will see on her journey to rescue Athia and return home. The deep dive movie reveals both the beauty and the danger of Athia, with its mystical flying cats and giant creatures.

New Forspoken Deep Dive Explores Athia

New Forspoken Deep Dive Explores Athia

The planet of Athia, which Freya Holland must discover, is the subject of a brand new in-depth look at Forspoken. She will use her magical mobility to seek out intriguing sites, pursue the Tantas’ Familiars, and go into mazes inhabited by scary animals in an effort to learn more about her skills and the mysteries of Athia.

The goal of Forspoken is to provide the player with a wide array of options for acquiring upgrades and stat boots by hiding them in various areas that can only be accessed with the Cuff. She will come across Monuments that draw into the resources of the Tantas, allowing her to fortify herself. In order to tap into their potential, she will need to cleanse these Monuments of The Break’s corruption. The Flashbacks related to some of the monuments will be tests of your mettle. The Flashback monuments are retryable tests with letter grades that indicate the player’s potential for improvement. This movie depicts the Flashback Monument as a combination sprint and fight time trial that awards Freya with Mana and other upgrade materials.

Cats with wings and magical skills are known as Familiars to the Tantas. They have special Monuments where you may find them. Freya may approach and pet some of the Familiars with ease, but others are more wary and will need some chasing. Familiars in the deep dive video seem to have magical skills similar to Frey’s color-based magic spells, as one of them runs away in a cloud of red mist.

As an added bonus, Freya may locate holy sites known as Founts of Blessing, which will provide her access to even more of her talents. She is searching for old books in Athia that will lead her to Spellcraft Challenges that will increase her magic level. To acquire the upgrades for completing Spellcraft Challenges, it seems that players will just need to use a certain number of parkour skills or fighting manoeuvres.

Freya faces perilous opponents and a fearsome final beast as she explores the subterranean Locked Labyrinths. If Freya is successful, she will get upgraded gear. During her downtime, Freya plans on snapping photographs of various locations in Athia with her phone and showing them to the kids in the village, searching for money in chests to use as currency in exchange for useful things, and playing a game called Partha that would temporarily provide her stat boots. These enhancements will come in handy during Combat Challenges against monstrous mutants.

With any luck, Forspoken will be able to craft a compelling tale that players will care about thanks to the wide range of difficulties, locations, and NPCs available in Athia.



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New Forspoken Deep Dive Explores Athia
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