Gotham Knights Releases 1.3GB update

Gotham Knights Releases 1.3GB update

Gotham Knights Releases 1.3GB update

The newest patch for Gotham Knights on PC has been published by WB Games Montreal to address technical problems and fix bugs. In the case of AAA games like Gotham Knights, post-release updates are not uncommon, even months after the game has been released.

Gotham Knights Releases 1.3GB update

Gotham Knights Releases 1.3GB update

Gotham Knights was launched on October 21, thus it has been a little under a month. Since then, the most recent Batman video game on PC has had a few nitpicky problems that this patch is meant to fix. When playing on PC, people have reported problems with a bug that causes text to stick around in Gotham Knights’ disliked user interface.

PC users may get the update right now. Even after installing the 1.3GB patch, Gotham Knights will not be a completely new game. Instead, the focus has been on fixing a number of minor flaws that together make for a better game for players. However, there are more problems with Gotham Knights’ design that, if addressed, might make the game even better. Bug fixes and improved performance are the primary goals of updates like this one, which are not meant to introduce new features to the game.

It bears repeating that only PC users will get this update. A minor patch was released last week for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions to address the same problems that plagued console players of Gotham Knights. However, the game’s visuals, which many fans have found underwhelming for a title published solely on next-gen consoles, are not something that updates are likely to remedy.

Gotham Knights is a mixed bag, much like people’s anticipation for it. Even though it turned out to be a good time overall, it was not a terrific game, in the opinion of many. The gameplay is based on a simple loop, however many players have complained that it doesn’t provide anything new or exciting.

Those who have experienced these technical difficulties will be relieved to hear that this update addresses them. However, other gamers believe that the game is fundamentally broken and that no patch will ever improve it. IGN’s review of Gotham Knights received a score of 5/10, prompting gamers to modify the game’s score into Spider-Man Remastered for PC.

Here’s a rundown of what’s been fixed:

The problem where the “Cosmic” Batcycle skin couldn’t be unlocked has been fixed.
A reward adjustment for Historia Strigidae memorabilia
Batarang collections now have a better means of being traced.
Changes made to localise community messaging
Rectify the inactive “Join Player” button
Correcting the Animated Modchip Fusion
Improvements to the Modchip SFX that play when the mouse is hovered over a certain Modchip
Repairs to the Gear menus’ keyboard and mouse scrolling
Alterations to the button layout for using a keyboard and mouse instead of a game controller
Improvements to the user interface (UI) for the Abilities menu, specifically the text that lingers there.
The issue were you couldn’t silence the host was resolved.
Improved CSI cursor stability Fixed issue where FSR 2.0 was not being applied after enablement
The “Connection Lost” message on websites now appears faster.
Corrections for bugs



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Gotham Knights Releases 1.3GB update
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