After Elon Musk's ultimatum, Twitter employees start exiting

After Elon Musk’s ultimatum, Twitter employees start exiting

After Elon Musk’s ultimatum, Twitter employees start exiting

Following new owner Elon Musk’s Thursday ultimatum that workers sign up for “long hours at high intensity,” or go, hundreds of Twitter Inc employees are thought to have opted to exit the struggling social media business.

With Musk having already dismissed half the staff, including senior management, and brutally transforming the culture to emphasise long hours and an aggressive pace, it’s no surprise that some of Twitter’s 3,000 or so workers are reluctant to stay.

After Elon Musk's ultimatum, Twitter employees start exiting

After Elon Musk’s ultimatum, Twitter employees start exiting

Musk tweeted late Thursday that he was not concerned about employee departures since “the finest individuals are staying.”

The wealthy CEO said, “We just achieved another all time high in Twitter use…” without providing any context.

According to one current worker and a recently terminated worker in contact with Twitter coworkers, Musk visited with certain senior staff on Thursday to attempt to encourage them to remain.

According to two independent sources, the business has informed its staff that it would shut its offices and restrict badge access until Monday. Some workers were reportedly kicked out of a workplace by security agents on Thursday night.

A examination by Reuters found that over 110 Twitter workers on at least four continents have publicly declared their intention to quit the company through Twitter, however it was not possible to independently verify each resignation. There were around 15 workers who announced their decision to remain with the firm; several of them worked in advertising sales.

A person acquainted with the matter claims that on Thursday, more than 500 Twitter workers sent goodbye notes in the company’s internal chat service.

Fourty-two percent (42%) of 180 respondents to a poll on the workplace app Blind, which authenticates users via their work emails and facilitates anonymous information sharing, had chosen the response “Taking exit option, I’m free!”

About a quarter of respondents claimed they were only staying “reluctantly,” while just seven percent said they “clicked yes to remain, I’m hardcore.”

It was not immediately possible to determine how many workers planned to resign.

In spite of our best efforts, Twitter did not provide any remark on the matter.

Many engineers who worked to resolve vulnerabilities and minimise service failures have left, and this has led to concerns about the platform’s continued viability.

One individual acquainted with the situation said that the internal Twitter software started performing poorly on Thursday evening, indicating that the public Twitter app would crash overnight.

The source stated, “If it does break, there is no one left to repair things in many regions,” but they would not provide their identity out of fear of retaliation.

On Thursday night, Downdetector, a service that monitors website and app outages, received almost three hundred complaints of Twitter being down, up from less than fifty reports earlier in the day.

The former employee claims that out of a group of 50 Twitter employees, approximately 40 announced their resignation in a secret Signal session.

Someone familiar with the Twitter workers’ secret Slack group also said that about 360 individuals had joined a new channel labelled “voluntary-layoff.”

Staff members were also asked, through a second Blind poll, to speculate on the proportion of users who would quit Twitter due to negative perceptions. At least half of those polled expected at least that many workers to quit.

To construct a breakthrough Twitter 2.0 and compete in a more competitive market, we will need to be incredibly hardcore,” Musk had written Twitter staff early on Wednesday.

The email requested a “yes” response from employees who want to maintain employment. Employees who did not answer by Thursday at 5 p.m. Eastern Time would be assumed to have resigned and offered a severance payout.

Employees frantically brainstormed solutions as the deadline loomed.

According to Reuters, one departing employee from Twitter said that a team inside the firm had collectively agreed to quit the company.

For the second time in as many weeks, Twitter’s internal chatrooms and public feeds were swamped with blue hearts and salute emojis on Thursday as staff bid their goodbyes.

Tess Rinearson, who was hired to establish a cryptocurrency team at Twitter, was one notable departure. The blue love and thumbs up emoticons were tweeted by Rinearson.

Several leaving staff poked fun at Musk’s request for “hardcore” personnel on Thursday by describing themselves as “softcore engineers” or “ex-hardcore engineers” in their Twitter profiles.

In the midst of the exodus, Musk tweeted a joke.

He then asked, “How do you earn a tiny fortune via social media?” through Twitter. “Go big to little” is bad advice.



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After Elon Musk’s ultimatum, Twitter employees start exiting
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