Elon Musk says I have too much work on my plate

Elon Musk says I have too much work on my plate

Elon Musk says I have too much work on my plate

When questioned on Monday about his recent purchase of Twitter and his leadership of carmaker Tesla Inc, billionaire Elon Musk claimed he was working “at the absolute greatest amount…from sunrise til night, seven days a week” (TSLA.O).

Elon Musk says I have too much work on my plate

Elon Musk says I have too much work on my plate

Musk told a business conference held in Bali on the margins of the G20 meeting, “I have too much stuff on my plate that’s for sure.”

Musk serves as CEO for both organisations, in addition to rocket manufacturer SpaceX, neural network chip developer Neuralink, and tunnelling business the Boring Company. A candlelit image of him came on the screen as he spoke, and he said that he was speaking from a location that had just lost power. He was wearing a batik shirt that had been supplied to him by the event organisers.

Investors at Tesla are concerned that Musk, who calls himself a “nanomanager,” is not paying attention at a crucial moment for the world’s biggest electric vehicle manufacturer.

He announced his Twitter investment in early April, and since then, the value of Tesla shares has dropped by half. The pressure has increased as a result of his sales of Tesla shares, which reached $20 billion with the addition of $4 billion in sales last week.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk repeatedly brought up his busy schedule when questioned about the difficulties of “decoupling” industrial supply chains from China and the dangers posed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
To address the claim that many Asian business executives want to be the “Musk said, “I would be cautious what you wish for if you’re hoping to become the Elon Musk of the East. I doubt there are many individuals who would want to be me. They desire to be the idealised version of me that they have created in their minds. Honestly, the amount that I put myself through is ridiculous.”

Musk said that he hoped Twitter will provide support for video and longer-form video so that content producers could earn a career on the network, but he did not elaborate. Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O) YouTube channel broadcast his comments in real time.

Indonesia has been in talks with Tesla about investing in batteries, and with SpaceX about perhaps building a rocket launch facility.

Though he did not confirm either, Musk did say that Indonesia played a significant part in the supply chain for electric vehicles and that it would make “long term” sense for SpaceX to have numerous launch ports across the world.

As for Musk’s whereabouts during the Bali ceremony, that remains a mystery. A Twitter account called @ElonJet follows Musk’s Gulfstream G650 and reports that since the weekend, Musk has kept his private aircraft parked at Tesla’s headquarters in Austin, Texas.

So odd, Musk muttered, as he watched the footage. I’m now enjoying a candlelit environment.

Musk elaborated by saying that the shift to renewable energy was inevitable; it was “only a matter of how long it takes.” So that “we can grasp the nature of the cosmos and our position in it,” he said, space travel should continue to be funded and prioritised.

“We see the remnants of previous civilizations, so maybe we’ll uncover an extraterrestrial civilisation or find a society that existed millions of years ago. What a fascinating idea, in my opinion “His words.



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Elon Musk says I have too much work on my plate
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