The Case for More Remakes After Silent Hill 2

The Case for More Remakes After Silent Hill 2

The Case for More Remakes After Silent Hill 2

After considerable debate and widespread scepticism that Silent Hill would return, the series is back and better than ever. Several new Silent Hill games, including the mysterious Silent Hill f, Silent Hill: Townfall, and Silent Hill: Ascension, have been reported to be in production. The most exciting of these announcements is Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2 remake. Konami’s first move into the current arena of remakes seems to profit on the most popular instalment in the Silent Hill series.

The Case for More Remakes After Silent Hill 2

The Case for More Remakes After Silent Hill 2

The level of fidelity in Bloober’s cinematic Silent Hill 2 teaser seems to have piqued the interest of many enthusiasts. Nonetheless, if asked which Silent Hill game deserved a remake or might benefit from a reinvention, this is probably not the edition that fans would have selected. There are definitely parts in Silent Hill 2 that could need some work, just as there were in the first game. Not only is it widely adopted, but it has also shown to be more resilient over time than its competitors. That’s why it makes sense for Silent Hill 2 to be followed up by remakes that are just as authentic to the original games in the series.


Fans agree that the quality of the first four Silent Hill games is generally consistent, with Silent Hill 2 being Team Silent’s pinnacle effort. As a general rule, when people think favourably of Silent Hill, they are remembering the first game, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3, or Silent Hill 4: The Room.

Some fans of the Silent Hill series were less than thrilled with Silent Hill 3’s cult adversary, the Order, despite the fact that the games’ stories are related. Each of these three games from the original Silent Hill series would be excellent candidates for future remakes. While the original Silent Hill might benefit most from a boost to its low-poly resolution, the gameplay of all three games could stand to be improved, perhaps even borrowing the new over-the-shoulder camera introduced in Silent Hill 2.


It would be awesome to recreate Silent Hill 4: The Room in the apartment with more detail, rethinking the door covered in chains. Fans likely wouldn’t mind seeing remakes of Team Silent’s Silent Hill games for current audiences so long as new Silent Hill games are still being produced in the meanwhile.


Then, the Silent Hill series went through a radical change from what audiences had come to expect. Game critics and fans alike agree that the Silent Hill games Silent Hill: Origins, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Silent Hill: Homecoming, and Silent Hill: Downpour are the worst in the series. Some fans may like certain characters for their own reasons, but it’s clear that this is mostly a matter of taste. They need a remake more than any other group since they are unfairly stereotyped.


If Konami is serious about repairing its reputation, it may do so by remaking the games that fans found most problematic into something entirely new. By creating a remake, Konami may preserve the game’s core concept—such as the horror seen in Silent Hill: Downpour—while improving the experience in a number of ways, including the story and gameplay.

Conversely, it might be in Konami’s best advantage to ignore these titles for the time being. This would allow Konami to steer the Silent Hill series in a direction that is forward-looking rather than retrospective.



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The Case for More Remakes After Silent Hill 2
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